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I qualified as a driving instructor in 2010 and have had the privilege of witnessing hundreds of my pupils pass their driving test. What’s even more exciting is seeing them in their own cars giving me a wave as they drive past. So, I would welcome the opportunity for you to be the next pupil to be seen across the line to a successful pass.

With the experience and enjoyment I have had from driving all around the world with my previous jobs, I’m comfortable talking to people when English is not their first language. So please do not worry about any language barriers as there is none with me.


Before your first lesson:

I will book you into my diary and send you a confirmation message with the date and time. I will also send you a link to the UDrive “Total Drive App” that you need to download and complete the profile section. Don’t worry about anything else as I will show you how to use the App on your first lesson.


What To Bring to Your First Lesson

On your first lesson I will ask to see your provisional licence as I need to do a DVLA licence check to ensure your licence has the correct provisional licence category and to see if there are any endorsements. To do this I use the long number on your
licence and the postcode. I will also need you to enter your national insurance number on the DVLA website to view your licence record. If you wear contact lenses or glasses you would need to bring these with you. I will ask you to read a car licence plate from 20 metres, and the test examiner will also ask you to do this before your driving test, so please remember your glasses or contact lenses when attending a lesson or test. If you haven’t completed an online payment or BAC’s payment for your lesson, I will ask you to complete the payment before the lesson commences.


On Your First Lesson

I will complete your driving licence check and you will have successfully read a licence plate at the required distance.

If you are completely new to driving, I will discuss with you what you would like to achieve in your first lesson and agree a goal to help achieve what was discussed. A good example of a goal is to learn how to operate the controls in the car correctly.

I aim to ensure that your whole lesson time is about driving, but this will also include talking at the roadside to ascertain what knowledge you already have before agreeing the next goal to be achieved. For instance, one of your first goals is likely to be learning how to move off and stop the car under full control. After achieving this a second goal will be discussed and agreed. Everyone is different and learns at different paces so it’s best to look forward seeing how your driving skills are developing as you achieve each lesson goal.

At the end of each lesson, I will get you to self-evaluate what you have learned, by completing a reflective log. This feedback is a great way to track your progress and for others such as your family to be able to see your documented progress and what you will be focusing on in your next lesson.

I look forward to potentially working with you to help you achieve your driving success!

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