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To help put you at ease about getting started, I have a dual controlled driving school car that
is mid-range, so ideal for first time learners.

I love my job and it excites me to know I can train someone with no previous driving
experience and to see them pass first time with flying colours. This gives me a sense of
achievement knowing the pupil is now capable of driving independently.

I’m family oriented and love spending time exploring places with my family. I have 3 amazing
children who are now grown up, but still need their dad’s great advice and knowledge!
My youngest lives in New Zealand but still asks my advice on a regular basis!

If not teaching I’m fond of walking in the countryside with my dogs, it’s a great way to unwind
and recharge the batteries. I also love driving on holiday to new places as its always an extra
driving challenge especially in foreign countries. I’m also passionate about cricket but I
promise I won’t bore you with my enthusiasm for the sport especially if India are playing!

My other interests are cooking, both Asian and other cuisines, if I wasn’t as passionate about
being a driving instructor, I think I would have loved to have been a chef teaching people to

In my previous occupation I was a company car owner driving for business in Europe, USA
and the subcontinent. This experience has given me the ability to formulate lessons to meet
pupils’ individual needs. Especially retraining International Licence Holders to eradicate their
bad habits gained over years of driving in their native countries. I am a very patient instructor
so with the right level of encouragement and a little bit of humour you will hopefully have an
enjoyable learning experience and become A SAFE DRIVER FOR LIFE. It’s a win-win
partnership that I will strive to deliver.

Your investment in professional tuition will stand you in good stead for years to come
enabling you to drive with confidence in the current 21st century congested driving

I also specialise in Intensive courses, refresher courses and courses for those seeking their
ADI teaching pink licence, to gain work independence.

My Tuition Car

When learning to drive you need to be comfortable. My school car offers good air conditioning a real bonus in the heat of the summer.

It also has a fully adjustable driving seat to accommodate varying sizes of people, allowing all to comfortably reach the pedals. I currently drive a Peugeot 208, with its great safety record as well as all the mod cons to make learning to drive as easy as possible.

Dual controls are fitted so you have nothing to worry about, this gives you the freedom to practise knowing you are in safe hands. I also know some people are very anxious about learning and a little background music can sometimes have a calming effect. So, a little Taylor Swift in the background is acceptable!

For those who prefer visual learning I use a visual teaching system, drawing and explaining a topic before we go out and practise. Don’t worry if you are more a kinesthetic learner as I’m happy for you to practise a new topic without me explaining how.

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